Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adoption can be a roller coaster...

So last time we blogged we were waiting to hear back about a Waiting Child.  The good news is, that child has a forever family working their way to Ethiopia.  On the other hand, we are not her forever family.  The wait continues...

Last week I went in for another physical, as requested by All God's Children.  This appointment was long awaited because for several weeks I have been trying to get my insurance company to cover this medical cost.  Insurance said no because I had a physical in August 2011, they don't cover two physicals in one year.  (Since I'm a teacher my insurance coverage is August to July.)   I thought I would be leaving the doctor with a bill to the tune of $700.  To my surprise the doctor signed off on the paperwork without a second thought and without charging me a dime.  In his words, "You are perfectly healthy and you will make a wonderful parent."  What a blessing!

So, it's back to waiting and praying.  We are okay with that, because right now our lives are a little bit crazy.

Remember how John started that new job in the fall?  Well, he loves it. I love it.  Youth ministry is his calling for sure.  On the flip side, the 45 minute commute to work is not so fun.  When I drive out there on Wednesdays for youth group it takes me anywhere from an hour to two to get there.  Gotta love rush hour.  Plus, it's difficult for me to get involved in other ministries in programs when we are so far away.  That being said, John and I have thoroughly enjoyed house hunting for the last several weeks.  (Did you catch my sarcasm in that last sentence?)  We know the perfect house is out there and we will find it!  Can't wait to be closer to our church family.

Our car situation has been another wild adventure.  John and I bought a beautiful, brand new white Ford Explorer in November.  This is what it looks like now-

Check out the roof.

Glass and water everywhere.

Not so beautiful.  On April 3 tornadoes tore through DFW.  Our school was hit.  HARD.  We are so fortunate that no one was hurt.  It caused horrible damage to the roof of our school and most of the cars in the parking lot were totalled.  Our car is sitting in a shop awaiting repairs.  I can't wait to get our pretty car back, and hopefully soon before rental car coverage runs out.

Lastly, the best news of all is our wonderfully talented friend Holly took lots of family pictures for us. Perhaps you already noticed the new banner up top.  They turned out fantastic and we can't wait to get them printed and framed.  This summer I'm determined to figure out a way to add more pictures to this blog. In the meantime, here's are some of my favorites.

Thanks again for your continued prayers.  Adoption can be a roller coaster, but it will be totally worth it!