Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday ah-By-ah (Daddy)!

Yesterday we celebrated John's 30th birthday with a dinner downtown.  Usually we do not go out to restaurants outside our zip code, but thanks to the Wharton's we had dinner reservations at The Common Table.  Here's a picture of John celebrating.

When I asked John how he wanted to celebrate his big day, he responded with, "Can we just go to bed early?"  Ha!  I guess that what's you get when you hit the big three-o!  Annie hit the target when she gave John this card:

On another note, yesterday morning we received a newsletter from our adoption agency.  Unfortunately, the timeline has changed for our adoption.  From what we understand, the U.S. Embassy has revised the requirements to declare a child an orphan.  This means it will take quite a bit longer for the children to be declared orphans, and a slower process for the adoptive families.  At this point our agency is predicting 18-24 months for our referral.   We definitely weren't expecting this, but are trying to stay optimistic.  We've been saying from the beginning that we will do this in His time, so there must be a reason for this change.  In the mean time, we will enjoy the time we have together and continue to pray for our sweet child.

Hope you all are doing well!  Happy early Valentine's Day!


  1. Shoot! Sorry to hear about the new timeline. Ya'lls patience and optimism is such a great example - we could all learn a thing or two from you guys. We will continue to pray for you and your sweet child too!

  2. First - Happy Belated Birthday to John!!
    Second - You both are such an inspiration. I will continue to pray for you both and the new addition to your family.