Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paperwork Sent!!!

After many months of working hard to get all our paperwork in order for the adoption, it has arrived in Oregon.  It seemed as though it was taking forever, but we able to persevere through delays and changes to get it completed.  In total we had 46 pieces of paper that we had to have 2 copies of for a grand total of 98 pieces of paper sent to All God's Children.  This completes our dossier stage of the process.  We are now in the review stage, which shouldn't take too long.  We are also waiting on the completion of our Addendum to our Home Study.  Since John now has a new full time job, we needed to note that change in our file.  Luckily we did not have to totally redo our Home Study, but were able to just make an addendum to it.  Our next step is for All God's Children to review all our paperwork and have them okay everything.  From there they will send it over to Ethiopia where we will get in line for our court date that will result in our referral.  The referral is the courts sending us the information for the child they believe will most benefit from our family.  We will then have one week to review and pray over this information and decide if this is the child that will become ours.  This is when things get exciting.  After we approve the referral we will be making two trips to Ethiopia for court appearances finalizing our adoption.

We are so excited to be making this giant leap forward in our adoption process.  Again we cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support and most importantly their prayers as we continue moving towards growing our family.


Nicole and John

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and this is just way too funny! We have the same header at the top of our blogs, we share the same last name and are adopting from Ethiopia. I am going to enjoy following your journey! Our blog is Good luck with your paperwork process!